We are a team of individuals where everyone contributes, shares ideas and has a voice. 我们一起就是革命集团®

我们在学习和分享新事物上茁壮成长 technologies with each other and our clients.

——联合创始人Polly Clavijo


432888威尼斯can is a fun and hard-working group of positive people who really enjoy what they do and love sharing their passion for technology.

二十多年前, we started 432888威尼斯can because we felt businesses needed a consulting company that really wanted to learn and understand their business.  Someone who wanted an extraordinary long-term relationship and was just as passionate about their success as they were.  Someone who could be counted on to always do the right thing.  Someone they could be friends with, and twenty years later, that’s still who we are.

我们的 任务 is to forever change the way people look at technology in their business.

我们的 核心价值观 define who we are and how we treat one another and our customers:

Positive Attitude -- Optimistic and Drama-Free
Do the Right Thing -- Honor and Ethics in Every Way
Extraordinary Relationships -- Take Great Care of Each Customer and Each Other
Lifelong Learning -- Constant Personal and Professional Growth
Work Hard - Have Fun -- Be Productive and Be Happy

I like that we are a fast growing company that is working with bigger and bigger clients every day. This in turn provides the opportunities for you to grow your skill set and develop expertise rapidly.

— John DeClemente, Salesforce 服务 Consultant


Today, we are approaching 100 people on our team.  We have ERP consultants helping manufacturing companies worldwide implement and optimize Manufacturing ERP software.  We have Salesforce consultants and developers helping companies nationwide improve their sales processes and customer service processes and maximize their use of the Salesforce.com平台.  We have IT consultants and engineers helping companies statewide manage all of their IT operations from phone to laptop to servers to strategy.  All of us with one goal – building an extraordinary relationship with you.

革命集团投资于员工, providing training and mentoring to advance a person professionally and personally and it pays off with higher employee skill level.

- Larry Downing,高级系统工程师


革命集团, we strive to provide our employees with a positive environment in which they can grow both individually and within the company.  我们相信非凡的关系, 积极态度的力量, doing the right thing by our customers and our employees, 终身学习, 一边努力工作一边享受乐趣. If you think you would be a good addition to our team, please see our available opportunities.


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  • 快五十岁 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • 公司. 5000 2013, 2014, 2015
  • 前的工作场所 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

I enjoy the family orientation and open door concept that we have. It is a great company with awesome people all with a common goal, which is to serve our customers and provide the best solutions to them possible!

- Nathan Ashcraft,帮助台技术员


Visit our repository of information for all three of our practice areas -- Technology 服务, Salesforce CRM服务, 制造业ERP服务.

In our knowledge base, you will find webinars, success stories, videos, how-tos, tips & 技巧,更.  Be sure to keep checking back for fresh content, and if you can't find an answer you're looking for, 请提交给我们, 我们承诺解决这个问题.

I have the most enjoyable colleagues to work with. They are always looking to support the customer and we support each other to provide the best service possible. 

- Tom Titensor, ERP顾问


The experts from each of our divisions -- Technology 服务, Salesforce CRM服务 制造业ERP服务 -- stay abreast of the latest developments in their respective technologies. Visit our blog page to read commentary on newsworthy information and interesting articles written by our team.

We'll change the way you think about technology.