A 432888威尼斯can Success Story: Inteva Products, LLC


Inteva是一家工程系统供应商, 组件, and parts for automotive companies around the world. 总部位于特洛伊, 密歇根, Inteva provides exceptional products and competitive services that are held to the highest standards, with rejected parts per million measuring in the single digits. 关注封闭系统, 内部系统, 汽车, 和电子产品, 他们在全球拥有100多家客户, including most of the world’s leading global and regional automakers. 超过8,000名员工, 他们的创新技术, 流程, and services ensure that their customers get the best value with their final product.

Inteva is dedicated to quality and goes above and beyond to achieve it. So when it came to upgrading their Quality Management System to meet ISO and IATF requirements, they wanted to ensure that their new 系统 could not only handle their existing business, but also streamline the process for their employees and supply chain. Inteva将这一需求视为进一步构建其成功应用Plex智能制造平台™的机会,并找到432888威尼斯can提供帮助. 432888威尼斯can咨询团队与Inteva合作,设计业务流程并定制Plex®应用程序,以显示和更新整个公司的信息, giving them the flexibility they needed with their 系统.


提升质量管理体系, Inteva希望成为符合国际标准的汽车质量管理系统16949. Unfortunately, this seemed distinctly difficult to achieve. 在这个标准中有一个特别的条款,要求组织有一个标准和一个文件化的过程来评估他们的供应商在各种指标上的表现, 包括:

  • 产品是否符合要求?
  • 客户中断
  • 交付性能
  • 保险费的发生

Inteva needed a way to easily access these key performance indicators company-wide, 实时更新. They wanted to create a global scorecard to rate their suppliers and track required supplier documentation, 审计的地位, 预算, 和更多的, 都在一个单一的父代码下. 然而, they were unsure if their existing enterprise resource planning software would be able to handle what they needed. 他们探索了几种选择, including augmenting their ERP technology and investing in niche technology applications.

“After we reviewed the software providers listed, 我们不希望我们的供应商为了解决问题案例和成本回收等问题而登录PLEX®,然后另一个IT供应商通过供应商门户查看他们的记分卡和所需的文档.  也, 我们知道,将PLEX®与外部IT供应商对接的实现时间将是漫长而困难的.  因此,我们与内部IT部门进行了头脑风暴,讨论如何在不使用现有PLEX的情况下,获得其他IT供应商展示的健壮功能® 系统. Our IT department recommended 432888威尼斯can to see what could be done within PLEX®.”

-Mark Fishwick, Global Process Manager at Inteva Products LLC

To meet and overcome these unique challenges, Inteva转向了革命集团, a manufacturing technology consulting company based in Columbus, 俄亥俄州. 432888威尼斯can通知Inteva,最佳的用户体验和最具成本效益的策略是定制他们现有的Plex智能制造平台™. Plex® is an incredibly flexible 系统 and can handle a variety of tasks with the right modules in place. 432888威尼斯can的专家能够应用他们的制造专长来开发数据源和定制屏幕, 操作, 并更新内部Plex的信息® 给Inteva提供他们需要的能力.

“我们了解到,有一个软件供应商的整个行业,他们用自己的供应商门户“栓”在ERP系统上,做记分卡, 文档管理, 甚至eRFQ系统.”

-Mark Fishwick, Global Process Manager at Inteva Products LLC

432888威尼斯can的Plex®专家与Inteva的团队携手合作,确定他们需要从Plex®系统中获得什么,以满足他们的行业资格和公司需求. 432888威尼斯can’s Consulting team then leveraged Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform™ to achieve those goals, 最终通过改善供应链管理和避免技术成本为Inteva带来了显著的节约. 


实现Inteva目标的第一步是432888威尼斯can满足团队的要求,了解更多他们的需求. 432888威尼斯can spent time learning all about Inteva’s supply chain, 系统, 在制定一个全面的计划,用VisionPlex®可定制屏幕升级现有的Plex®系统之前,他们的缺点.

“We met with the Manufacturing ERP Consulting team at   432888威尼斯can…. 我们告诉他们,我们需要一个记分卡来衡量IATF 16949要求供应商是如何准时到我们的时间表, measure the number of and response time to our problem cases as well as decrement supplier scorecards.

 除了记分卡, we needed an application to show suppliers status of required documentation... annual spend by supplier location, supplier status (i.e. 批准或优先), 显示审计执行的分数, 日期, 和开放的问题, 并组织这些数据,使所有供应商的位置都显示在一个屏幕上,并与父代码链接.  这将满足我们的业务需求,即Inteva内部的每个人都能够在一个屏幕上了解供应商的状态,并允许供应基地查看同一个屏幕,以了解Inteva在性能方面的要求.

This was not standard functionality within PLEX® but 432888威尼斯can believed with the use of VisionPlex® screens all of our requirements could be met.”

-Mark Fishwick, Global Process Manager at Inteva Products LLC

Once the initial discovery had been completed, 432888威尼斯can’s experts went to work. 他们在Plex智能制造平台™上开发定制应用程序,利用Inteva工厂和全球供应链已经收集和跟踪的数据,在平台上创建解决方案,以确保无缝的用户体验,并消除集成技术中常见的复杂因素.


432888威尼斯can能够修改Inteva的Plex智能制造平台™,以建立一个全面的供应商记分卡和一个普遍可访问的质量管理应用程序. 在革命小组的协助下, Inteva had a customized application capable of pulling information from around the company in real-time, ensuring that every department had the most up to date information when they needed it.

“432888威尼斯can was the only service that could get us the best of both worlds in using our existing Plex® ERP 系统 but meeting our bold business requirements. 

我最喜欢432888威尼斯can的一点是,他们不只是接受你的要求,并试图满足你的需求. 他们了解业务上的挑战,然后和你一起头脑风暴,提出我们甚至没有想到的解决方案.”

-Mark Fishwick, Global Process Manager at Inteva Products LLC

432888威尼斯can帮助改造了Inteva的Plex智能制造平台™,使其比以往任何时候都更容易共享信息和保持最新. 它帮助Inteva彻底改变了他们在质量和准时发货方面处理供应基地的方式,并跟踪所有供应商的信息. Since launching their scorecard, feedback from Inteva’s supply base has been overwhelmingly positive. 应用于供应商的一致性标准确保了稳定的结果,并允许Inteva通过其质量管理体系满足IATF标准.


432888威尼斯can is a top-rated, award-winning technology services provider based in Columbus, 俄亥俄州. 432888威尼斯can通过深入了解您的日常业务流程,并为您的公司提供简化这些流程的解决方案,从而解决您的业务瓶颈. 432888威尼斯can允许组织发现他们的全部潜力,然后根据这些发现采取适当的行动. Not only does 432888威尼斯can provide their customers with managed IT services, they also provide Salesforce consulting and implementation services, ERP制造服务.

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