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Top 5 Things to Consider When Changing your MSP

对于公司和个人来说,“改变”这个词都是可怕的. 没有深入探究改变的心理以及它为什么会引起如此的恐慌, 大多数组织将“改变”与他们最近的积极或消极的经历或互动联系起来. 在许多情况下,公司完全出于“对未知的恐惧”而无法做出改变.”

I have been in the IT Industry for over 26 years, in various roles on both the customer and provider side. 我在公司里经历过积极和消极的变化. With that knowledge in mind, 我整理了在更换新的IT公司/管理服务提供商(MSP)时需要考虑的五件事. 这可以是从一个MSP更改为另一个MSP,也可以是从内部IT更改为MSP.

Understand What is Driving the Change

更改的原因可能是单个事件或多个问题的组合. Make sure you quantify the reasons, 所以你可以专注于你在一家新的IT公司寻找什么,并有方法定义成功. Without a clear understanding of the issues at hand, 许多公司可能会陷入不满情绪的持续循环. It is critical to align expectations with your new MSP.

Some Example Reasons:

  1. Costs
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Technical Skillset
  4. Availability
  5. Expectations Alignment
  6. Company Alignment
  7. Trust
  8. Security
  9. Business Driver (Mergers & Acquisitions)

Do You Know Your Assets?

拥有所有It资产的当前清单是至关重要的,而不仅仅是在考虑更改时. 这可以包括逻辑和物理资产,并且对于从会计到安全性的所有方面都很重要. It is important to be able to identify the type of assets, the owners of the assets and where the assets are located.

不要害怕让你现在的MSP或IT员工给你一个资产列表.  许多公司发现自己处于一种情况,他们不知道,也不敢问他们的MSP,因为害怕MSP可能会想什么或做什么. 如果您有这样的顾虑,那么很明显您的it合作伙伴是错误的!

List of Some Example Assets:

  1. 硬件(工作站、服务器、移动设备、网络硬件)
  2. 软件(业务线应用、后台办公应用、协作工具等.)
  3. Data (Employee, Company & Customer Data, Important Passwords)

Do You Know What Is Yours And What Is Theirs?

这个问题是拥有所有IT资产的良好库存至关重要的另一个原因. 许多MSPs为其客户提供额外的设备和服务. 如果您没有很好地理解您的MSP所提供的硬件和服务. what you are providing, 在做出改变时,你可能会遇到一些不愉快的意外和障碍. 这可能导致在变更期间服务的损失或不可预见的费用.

List of Some Example Services – Yours or Theirs?:

  1. Workstations
  2. Phone System
  3. Email
  4. Backups (On-Premise or Cloud)
  5. Servers (On-Premise or Cloud)
  6. Email Security (Spam or Encryption Services)
  7. End-Point Protection / Anti-Virus Software
  8. Website Hosting
  9. Enterprise Software

Do Your Due Diligence. Pick The Right MSP.

一旦你完成了前三件事,在改变你的MSP时要考虑, 你将拥有知识武装,为你的公司做出更明智的决定. 在选择一个新的MSP时,有许多因素要考虑,而不是一个大小适合所有. 以下是在选择任何类型的技术或服务合作伙伴时需要考虑的关键事项.

List of Some Factors to Consider:

  1. Company Reputation
  2. Company Core Values
  3. Industry Experience
  4. 能清楚地解释入职和正在进行的操作流程吗
  5. Continual Employee Development & Training (Certifications)
  6. Employee Turnover Rate
  7. Industry Certifications or Audits (i.e., SOC 1 Type II or SOC 2 Type II)
  8. Strategic Partnerships & Vendor Management
  9. Service Level Agreements (SLA) / Guidelines
  10. Customer References
  11. Reporting (Examples of Provided Reports)
  12. Strategic Partner / Trusted Advisor
  13. Proactive vs Reactive Methodology
  14. Technology Stack & Tools Utilized
  15. IT Security & Awareness
  16. Additional Services Offered

The “Change”!

一旦做出了决定或选择,就开始一个新的MSP, you will enter the planning stage.  在一个完美的世界里,每个人在从一个MSP到另一个MSP的转换过程中都会表现得很好. 经验表明,大多数公司和个人保持专业,“做正确的事”.当然,感情可能会起作用,没有人愿意在交易中失败. So, in the small percentage of times in which that happens, 你会准备得更充分,因为遵循前面的提示.

Some things to consider during the “change”:

  1. Pre-Planning Meeting
  2. Be fully engaged with the On-Boarding Process
  3. Set Clear and Agreed to Expectations
  4. Effective Communications to Staff
  5. Schedule On-Going Touch points i.e, Account Management Meetings
  6. Be Patient

Questions or comments? 如果你对精简过渡到新的MSP有疑问, or for more information about working with 432888威尼斯can, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at or [email protected].